Francesca Affleck has lived in Dubai since 2007 and has worked as a Senior Leader at schools in Dubai and England. 

Having previously lived with her family in India, Hong Kong, England, Pakistan and Oman, she has plenty of experience of different cultures. Always curious about the places she has lived, she has nurtured a similar curiosity among her students as well as her own family. 

Francesca has been inspired by the rapid growth and transformation of the UAE over the last 60 years, and wants to share this knowledge. 

Currently an Education Consultant, she enjoys being surrounded by some of the things she loves most – books, information and enthusiastic learners.



An Education Consultant and School Evaluator based in Dubai, Francesca offers School Improvement Services to school leaders and teachers.

A champion of learner-centered pedagogy for students, she has provided purposeful professional development and coaching for all staff – from school leaders to student teachers and NQTs.  

As a learner herself, she has begun a Master’s Degree in International Educational Leadership at TAMK University in Finland and is up to date with current trends in education. 

Francesca has created lesson plans to accompany the book ‘Discovering the United Arab Emirates’, which are linked to the Ministry of Education’s UAE social studies curriculum, the English National Curriculum and an excellent resource for IB inquiry lessons. 



Inspired by her father, a retired photographer, Francesca has nurtured photography as a hobby. 

Lavished with photographs, of local fauna, geographical features and historical buildings, Francesca’s book, ‘Discovering the United Arab Emirates’ is accessible to all ages. 

Framed photographs that complement the book are available.